We figured that once in a while, we would be able to come up with something good and informative to put in here. We are still waiting for the time to come. 

But before you go on, you have to realize that the stuff that is written in these pages is the result of hours and sometimes days of craftsmanship. It is not easy for us to sit down in front the computer (except maybe for the stupid webmaster) and pour out our deepest and darkest riding secrets. Occasionally, the webmaster will find something cool in one of the many magazines that he seems to have lying around and put it in here as well. 

We know that sometime you're out riding or doing something else minding your own business when something really whacked happens. You want to rip on the guilty party but can't think of anything worthwhile to say at the time. Then five hours after the ride, you come up with the really witty comeback but its too late, well, rest easy folks.

This page was created to serve one single purpose to say what we wanted about what we like and hate about anything. From time to time, members of teamabsolut (the educated ones, anyway) will be writing to get things of their chest. Maybe you've felt the same way about these things as well but could never find a place to express your views.

So if you read something here you like (or don't like) drop us a line with your comments and we'll post them next to the article (or not)

Take a plunge into the Wisdom (or lack thereof) of Team Absolut...

One other thing, there is a section here entitled TAPEWORM, if you're thinking of buying some new stuff, check out our reviews first.

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