The Dirt On The Trail Awaits...

We spend time on the trails around Singapore. We like to share these experiences with you. Some of us even race for glory. Not just in mountain bike races but in adventure races as well. If you are looking for the skinny tire section, this isn’t it. Try here.


It takes a special kind of rider to take on nature and everything she has to throw at you. Many have tried but only a few have survived. While in battle, we have pictures and stories. We have put them here for you to enjoy.


There are many trails and park connectors to ride on. We like to share our favourite rides with you (and we only write about the legal ones) You are welcome to join us. Drop us a line at webmaster@teamabsolut.net if you’re coming, and we’ll see you at the trailhead.


We spend time on the trail. Not just riding on it. We mean on it. As in crashing and lying down and bleeding on it. It is pretty sad that we take pictures and write about it.


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