Here is a profile of the misfits that make up Team Absolut.

Old Man aka White Snake Oil Salesman (contribution to Team Wisdom added 030309)

Doc aka Geek (contribution to Detours/Rants added 092200)

Sting (contribution to Race Pictures added 101506)

Elvis (profile added 030502)

Stick (contribution to Evidence added 070204)

Cocopops (profile added 011102)

Lardo aka Wanker (profile added 011302))

Beef (contribution to Race Pictures added 030404)

Billy Goat (contribution to Evidence added 091402)

Porky (profile added 051503)

Big Stick (profile added 041804)

Pain (contribution to Riding Reports added 112902)

Ling Legstrong aka Ling the Merciless (contribution to Race Reports added 083004)

Wheelie (profile added 110300)

Machoman (North American representative, West Coast region) (profile added 072603)

RoadRunner (profile added 041004)

Coach (contribution to Race Pictures added 041004)

Fangio (profile added 092702)

Lippy (profile added 050902)

BeyKha (contribution Race Report added 032602)

Holyman (North America representative, West region) (profile added 072603)

Gingerman (North American representative, West Coast region)  (contribution to Off Road Rides added 101506)

Keith (profile added 030502) 

Youngman (China representative, Shanghai) (profile added 011302)  

Zeeman (profile added 022809)
Fembot (profile added 022809)
Weasel (profile added 022809)
D (profile added 022809)
Diesel (profile added 022809)
Snoman (profile added 030409) (North American representative, Mid West region)
Evil (profile added 022809)
Hi-Note (profile added 022809)
Jem aka Blackheart (profile added 022809)

Pascal (profile added 022809)


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