Adventures in the peloton

We spend a lot of time on our bikes. Sometime we race, but mostly we just ride. We've tried to capture some of these activities here.

This area is split into 3 main areas, for our races (reports and pictures), our regular rides and 'other' adventures on our road bikes. If you are looking for the off-road section, this isn't it. Try here


What would a bike club be without a riding calendar? It would be a lot more fun. Just kidding. Anyway, we get together to ride about twice a week, at least. Some of these guys go out more than four times a week on secret training rides but we won't bore you with the details of those rides. We currently have 3 'sanctioned' group rides on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. If you're interested or can only get on the bike after the sun sets, we welcome new victims, uh, riding companions. We welcome new victims, uh, riding companions. Show up or drop the webmaster a line and ride off with us.


There is always someone, somewhere racing in Team Absolut colors. Sometimes we get reports and pictures, sometimes we just get a phone call. We've put together all the evidence of our past glory here.


When you ride a lot, you sometimes fall down. It happens to the best of us. But not everyone gets pictures taken and stories written about them.


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