Lost? Just follow the guy in front of you...

Rides are only fun if you know where you're going and where you'll end up. Well, this is true if you have some place to be at the end of the ride. So we provide a short guide to the rides that TA does on the road. There are 3 group rides that we would like to invite you on. They take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturday mornings.

All these rides are training rides. Some of us train harder then others so you will always have someone by your side.

We would appreciate it if you had a look at the routes and the recommended equipement to bring along. We don't leave newbies alone so don't afraid if you haven't quite got your road legs, we won't leave you to the wild dogs that live along the route...unless you want us to. In which case you may be at the wrong type of website...

We welcome all levels of riders to these rides. We generally take pretty good care of visitors (we haven't lost one yet) and we don't bite, well most of us don't anyway. So you've got a bike, we've got a ride what are you waiting for. Drop us a line at tell_me_more@teamabsolut.net.



We also spend a lot of time just riding around. Isn't that what eve of Public holidays are for? So here are some of our adventures with pictures.





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