Here for all of you who keep coming back to see what's new is a page listing all the items that have been added since your last visit (which was probably 10 minutes ago)

  2010 Updates
060310 Added SACA Team Time Trial
  2009 Updates
030809 Added T@ blog
030409 Added Snowman's profile, OCBC Cycle Singapore

Added OM's 2008 Reflections

022609 Added Diesel profile
022809 Added Pascal profile, Squeaky profile, Fembot profile, Weasel profile, Jem profile, Zeeman profile, Evil profile
022009 Updated Machoman profile, Pain profile
  2008 Updates
101108 Added pix for SACA Team Time Trial
2006 Updates
101506 Added Gingerman's El Corte De Madera Creek story. Pictures from SACA 2006 Team Time Trial
101406 Added Oldman's 2006 reflections
2005 Updates
070205 Added pictures from Singapore National Road Championships
062805 Added links to GingerMan's blog
061805 Added GingerMan's SACA MTB Race 3 report and link to Sam's blog
042005 Added Sting's Changi Business Park Race Report
041805 Added Changi Business Park Race pix. GingerMan's Thomson Ride report
030805 Added Justin's Marina South Race Report and pix. Oldman's pictures from Desaru Ride
020905 Added GingerMan's Prince of Darkness and pixs from Sam's farewell
2004 Updates
012305 Added OldMan's Reflections of 2004
100904 Added big pictures for NTU race
091804 Added GingerMan's SACA Road Race 6 report, Coach's, Stick's and Gingerman's pix from race
091204 Added GingerMan's El Corte De Madera Creek ride and pictures
083004 Added Merciless' Ace Adventure Challenge II story
081604 Added GingerMan's SACA Road Race 5 story, Beykha's Togoparts King of the Jungle story
070204 Added Stick's SACA Road Race 4 pictures and Coach's SACA Road Race 4 stories
061404 Added GingerMan's Story Behind the Story and Mountain Biking in Singapore
060804 Added Sting's Subaru MTB Race Report
060704 Added pictures from SACA Road Race 3
052704 Added more pictures for SACA Road Race 1, race report for SACA Road Race 3
041804 Added BigStick profile
041004 Added Coach's Race Pictures, RoadRunner's profile, GingerMan's Riding in Singapore story
030404 Added Dean's Race Report and Coach's and Beef's Race pictures
022704 Added Sting's Need for Speed
021004 Added OM's Tapeworm additions, GingerMan's picture with Gary Fisher
2003 Updates
122003 Added OM's Reflections of 2003.Gingerman's San Jose Bike Club TTT
110103 Added Sting's Sentosa 2003 Race Report
092303 Added Sting's Jelajah Trengganu 2003 race report
090603 Added Sting's 2003 Team Time Trial report, updated Stick's profile
072603 Added HolyMan's profile, MachoMan's profile, SACA 2003 TTT pictures
062403 Added Sting's ITT 2003 report. Pix to follow
061503 Added Sting's MDHS Race Report
051903 Added Sting's Anti-Drug Tour of Thailand, profile for Porky, updated TTT
041103 Added Sting's Changi Race Report & Pix from the Race
041003 Added YoungMan's Farewell & GingerMan's Farewell Pix
032603 Added Sting's LCK Race Report
031703 Added GingerMan's profile
030803 Added pictures from SACA MTB Race at Bukit Timah, SACA Road Race at Lim Chu Kang and new pix to Lippy's profile
012703 Added Ling's Splash Eco X-treme story
011703 Updated Sins new web address, remove link to Billygoat's homepage, added OldMan's Reflections of 2002, Sting's Pavement Surfing in Penang
2002 Updates
112902 Added Sting's Cold In Vietnam, Pain's KOTRT MTB Jamboree, Deep Eve Pix
102202 Added SACA NTU Race Pix, Sting's 2002 Reflections and Nutro advice

Added OM's BTT race report, Fangio's profile

091802 Added SACA Team Time Trial pix
091402 Added pix from Bukit Timah MTB Race
090602 Added PCC Ride
082302 Added more pix from Shimano-SACA Road Classic IV
081202 Added Pix from Shimano-SACA Road Classic IV
071502 Added Geekhood & Cycling
062502 Added Sentosa MTB Race Pix
060802 Added Bukit Timah Race Report, Of Spitting, Cussing & Bleeding
041502 Added SACA Sentosa Race report
040702 Added ADD 2002 photos
032602 Added JB Race Report, Eco-Xcapade Race report
030502 Added profile for Elvis & Keith& multiple additions to TAPEWORM
030202 Added Race Report Section, pix for SACA Road Classic 1
022102 Added CNY Water Torture by Sting
021802 Added pictures for Sweet Charity Tri story
021702 Added profile for Beykha & Spiderman
021302 Added Cameron Highlands Nightmare by Beks
012902 Added profile for Beef
012202 Added Sweet Charity Tri story
011902 Added profile for Stick & Ling
011302 Added profile for Sting, YoungMan and Lardo
011102 Added profile for OM and Cocopops
2001 Updates
120901 Added Absolut Emotions
112601 Added Eco-Xcapade pixs, Kiara Report and Reflections
110401 Added Race Report for SACA NTU race
103001 Added Coach's profile and SMM
101901 Added Eco-Xcapade and TAPEWORM (Misc) & (Drivetrain)
100201 Added Sting's version of the crash at The Gap
090101 Added Sting's pictures
082901 Added Spidey's report on Sting's crash at The Gap
082401 Added Sting's homepage, OM's annual reflections of the year gone by
082001 Added Skin's dark insight into riding and SACA road race details
072801 Added Stick's Profile and new Links page
061301 Added Medical Myths and Road Test
042301 Added Good Friday ride story
041301 Added HRH ride details, Titanium ramblings and new GIF
033101 Added two new members and pixs of HRH ride
020201 Added Old Man's reminisce and Beef's Group Riding Etiquette
012401 Added Bangi ride details by Colin
011201 Added Pengarang Ride and pix
2000 Updates
122500 Finished BTT pictures...finally
121600 Added more pictures from ADD added to Evidence and Talking Cock link
120900 Added Skin's whine and ADD awards and pictures
110300 Added Wheelie's profile and Sins link
102300 Added Doc's frames and OM's Rant
102000 TAPEWORM contribution by Wanker. Revamped TAPEWORM page
100800 TAPEWORM contribution by Beef
092200 TAPEWORM contribution by Doc added
091900 TAPEWORM by OldMan and Lardo's Profile added
090200 Sungai Buloh Race Report and KL Chain Massacre added by BeyKha
082700 Bukit Timah Torture ride added by Doc
082300 Added Position Decision by Elvis
082000 Added Crash at BTT by Doc, Road Manners by OldMan and Zen & the Art of Wheel Sucking by Stick
081500 Added SAFRA race reflections by BeyKha
081200 Added BTT pictures to Evidence
081000 Added Paddy the Cat by Beef
080200 Added TTT pictures to Evidence
080100 Welcome to Team Absolut. Cycling will never be the same again.

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